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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

Microsoft Excel contains a very powerful programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  This language can be used to extend its capabilities, facilitate its use, and/or interface with other Microsoft Office products like Outlook, Word, Access, or Powerpoint.  An add-in is an invisible Excel Workbook that contains macros in Visual Basic code which makes all this happen.  With Spinnaker Spreadsheet Add-ins the code is activated through the use of custom toolbars, which we feel simplifies its installation and use.

We divide our add-ins into the four categories below and invite you to explore them.


We really enjoy creating custom products for our clients, and we welcome new ideas and challenges.  Our Custom Add-ins page will introduce you to some of the custom work that we have already done, let you read about what some of our customers have said about us, and hopefully spark some of your own ideas.  The wonderful thing about a custom application is that you get exactly what you need.  You won't get saddled with an expensive program that sits 90% idle while you use only 10%.  


We have tried to develop generic shareware add-ins to appeal to casual users of Excel as well as power users and developers.  In general we offer these products as examples of what can be done with Excel.  They are intended to help make Excel an even more powerful tool than it already is.  Many of these add-ins originated as custom products that we thought would be of general interest.  We sincerely hope you find them useful.  If you find yourself unsure about whether one of our add-ins will do what you need, feel free to contact us at getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com (replies within 24 hours, usually a lot sooner).  If you want a more personal touch, you can also call us at 603-206-9977 during US Eastern time business hours.


Download our freebies with our compliments.


  • For Developers

    Some customers have expressed interest in our add-in registration process.  We have developed Spinnaker Registrations for add-in and spreadsheet  developers who have a need to protect their own products.  The setup program we use for all our add-ins is called Inno Setup, which is a freeware that you can download from http://www.jrsoftware.org. We liked it so much that we decided not to develop our own setup program.

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com