My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

Thank you for trying our software.

The download URL for Spinnaker Floating Frames for Excel is Downloads/Floating_Frames_for_Excel_Setup.exe

If you experience difficulties when downloading, please contact us.

10/09/2008 : version 2.01 build 0001 is a reworking of this concept.

  1. The link profiles form is now the startup form and can launch selected excel windows automatically
  2. The program can be completely hidden, yet active using an Icon in right hand console at the bottom of the screen. The two options are:
  1. Show Floating Frames for Excel
  2. Exit, this is the only way to quit Floating Frames for Excel.
  1. You can keep floating frames on top so they are always visible even when you activate different applications to work in.
  2. You can save the location of the window for later. The top left corner will be saved to a profile.








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