My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

Thank you for downloading Spinnaker Fuel Tax version 3.09g.

There are two versions:

bulletThe standalone version.
  Click here to download Downloads/Fueltax.exe 
(total download size: 1.35 MB). Use this link especially if you have dialup and don't need to use Spinnaker Fuel Tax on more than one computer!

If you experience difficulties when downloading, please contact us.


What's new in My Fuel Tax version 4.01

A lot of existing users are making use of our special upgrade offer and avail themselves of very handy new features not available in version 3.09g. Please read about the new features below to see if it's time for you to upgrade too!
bulletImport mileage data from your GPS location provider or route planning software. We already have an interface for: Rastrac (navcomp), and PC*MILER.
bulletImport fuel data from your fuel card statement in only a few clicks.
bulletImport both distance and fuel quantities from my Fleet Manager in just a few clicks.
bulletHandy Summary feature lists distance per jurisdiction, fuel per jurisdiction, and alerts you to any distances for which no jurisdiction is entered each time you save.
bulletTravel, or live, in Canada? We make manual fuel data entry easy on you. If you travel in a Canadian province, fuel is by default entered in liters. If you travel in a U.S. state fuel is by default entered in Gallons. Of course you can override that too!
bulletNot only that, but you can override the default distance recordings for a unit. Example: you live in Canada, but have a unit that has an odometer that reads in miles. Just set a switch in the unit's 'Distances entered in' box in the edit units dialog and it's done. If you just want to enter distances in miles for this unit this one time right click on the header in tripentry, and select enter distance in miles. The program will warn you when you run the report because the unit's distance is supposed to be entered in kilometers, but the calculations will be correct and you didn't have to translate any data. That can be a big time savings!

Of course all this can also be reversed if you live in the United States!
bulletNeed to change your business name? Simply click 'Rename User'. No more renaming all data files to the new business name.
bulletNeed to change a unit name/number? simply click 'Rename Unit'.
bulletWant to print to a different printer? just select one in the Print Form.






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