Spinnaker Software Solutions

Software License Agreement

Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins

By downloading or receiving (on disk or CD-ROM) the software, you agree to abide by the following provisions.

Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins exists in two versions: Trial Version and Registered Version.

Spinnaker Software Solutions grants you a license to use, and copy the software program(s) and documentation subject to the limitations described here. The license for the Trial Version expires after 15 days of use. The license for the Registered Version does not expire.

Any and all distribution of the Registered Version is prohibited. Not-for-profit distribution of Trial Version is permissible, on condition that the software is not altered in any way and is distributed in its entirety. Electronic transfer, renting, leasing, loaning, selling, or distributing of the Trial Version for profit in any form, including but not limited to bulletin board distribution, magnetic or optical medium distribution is not permitted without the written consent of Spinnaker Software Solutions. Furthermore, modification, or alteration of the software including but not limited to decompiling, disassembling, reverse engineering or creation of works arising from the software is prohibited.

You may make any reasonable number of backup copies of Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins.

After consulting Spinnaker Software Solutions, you may install Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins on two computer systems, subject to the condition that only one such system will be in use at any given time. For example, you may install the software on an office system and a home system.

You may not reverse-assemble or reverse-compile any component of Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins.

Spinnaker Shareware Add-ins and ancillary material are copyrighted by Spinnaker Software Solutions. Do not delete the copyright notice, trademarks, or protective notice from your copy, or any copy you make.

Spinnaker Software Solutions does not warrant that the software will be free from errors or will meet your specific requirements. The software is made available to you "as is."

Spinnaker Software Solutions makes no warranty or condition, either express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, regarding the software. In no event shall Spinnaker Software Solutions or its suppliers be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of use or data, or interruption of business, whether the alleged damages are labeled in tort, contract or indemnity.