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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

version 1.01

Spinnaker Captures is an add-in that can translate data captures consisting of UPC codes and quantities read with a handheld scanner into a two column database while (optionally) restoring the last digit of the UPC code. We are planning to expand on the capabilities of this add-in in the future. If you have suggestions, please contact us. Trial period 10 days, Price $65.00.

The Spinnaker Icon will be found on the Standard Toolbar, and will launch Spinnaker Captures when clicked.

The "Insert Captures" button first checks whether the current selection contains no data so you won't accidentally overwrite the data already in the sheet, then it activates the "Please select your Capture Textfile" -dialog. After you select a text file, it will open this file, and a message box will come up asking you whether, after parsing the quantity from the UPC number you want to add the check digit back to the end of the UPC code. If you choose no, the UPC codes will only contain the 11 digits that the barcode reader used. After you click "Yes" or "No", the list will be generated.

For example, the text file below is what you see in notepad after you scanned in your items and downloaded the file to your pc.

If you would open this file in Excel (text separated by "+"), the quantity (12th character and later) would still be connected to the code and all entries would be in a separate column instead of in rows.

After an import with Spinnaker Captures, your data looks like the picture on the left. The quantity, if specified when scanned, is displayed in column A, and the UPC code is displayed in column B. In this case the check digit was added to the eleven digits. Now what? you may ask yourself. Using lookup functions you can now display the description, price, or anything you already stored in a file that also displays the UPC code, or.. you use our Merges add-in. Using this add-in will ease the process of building your inventory list dramatically. In just a few minutes you can make a database with Descriptions, Price, Unit of Measure etc. that anyone can read, not just a person who knows which UPC code a product has. 

If you need further assistance using this add-in, please feel free to call us at 603-206-9977.

This button hides the "Spinnaker Captures" toolbar and can optionally also quit the "Spinnaker Captures" add-in.
Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com