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My Fuel Tax 4.0 available for Download

version 2.4

Spinnaker Columns quickly and easily moves, deletes, hides and unhides columns in your spreadsheet. Price: $15.00

The Spinnaker Icon will be found on the Standard Toolbar, and will launch Spinnaker Columns when clicked.

The Move Column Icon selects the active column for a cut and paste operation and asks you to select a new location and click the Move Column Icon again.

The Delete Column Icon will delete the active column without confirmation unless there is data in any of the cells of that column. If there is data, you will be prompted to confirm the column with entries in "x" rows with the entry "y" in the first row. The default answer is "No", in case you accidentally press the "Enter" key.

The Hide Column Icon will hide the active column.
The Unhide Column Icon will activate the Column Unhide Dialog.
The Quit Icon will Quit Spinnaker Columns and place the Spinnaker Icon on the Standard Toolbar for the next time you want to use Spinnaker Columns.

ScreenOptionsDialog.gif (6560 bytes)

Hidden Columns

This list box allows you to choose which columns to unhide. The description of each column is the entry in the first row of that column or a specification of the column like "Column B".

Unhide All Hidden Columns

Selecting this check box will make all hidden columns visible at once when you click "OK".

Please feel free to ask for more Information at: getinfo@spinnakeradd-ins.com